To our awesome BIM clients,

Back in March, just before shut down, we celebrated (well we didn’t really, but the date came and went!) our 10yr anniversary! A full decade of helping people feel their best- that’s pretty awesome!🏻It’s been quite the journey- lots of forks in the road, ups & downs, some great opportunities & three moves... but what remained consistent is our amazing clientele and staff- a great experience.After many weeks of critical thinking, with changes to staffing, leases and individual opportunities, I want to let you all know that the clinic will be closing when our lease comes to an end in late September.

Please do not be sad for us- it is not another covid casualty; it is just time to support each other in our own independent journeys that life has brought about.

Sept. 28th will be our last day of operations on VanBuren St. We ask that if you are not in need to please leave the remaining appointments free for those who are in pain at this time. We have limited space remaining for appointments, but will keep our well-loved cancellation list open until the last day too.

Thank you for trusting our hands and being so kind as to recommend our services to friends, family, neighbours & coworkers- the very very large majority of our business came from word of mouth advertising. A special shout-out to our current landlords who we think without a doubt would win ‘Ontario’s Landlord of the Year’ award if there was one.

Keep watch here and on Facebook for updated info on when & where our RMTs will be working next, as well as a list of other local RMTs who are able to accept new clients.

Cheers to a decade of business, great clients and co-workers turned friends.

Many thanks,
Owner, BIMTM.