Massage Benefits

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy is beneficial for treating pain, preventing injury and maintaining tissue health using techniques to relax, stimulate or stretch the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints). We do NOT provide adjustments as chiropractors do.

Massage therapy can help to:

  • increase range of motion
  • decrease pain
  • improve circulation and tissue health
  • maintain, improve or increase soft tissue function
  • decrease swelling and edema
  • decrease stress and axiety, which can help to lower blood pressure
  • promote faster healing and recovery times following injuries
  • realign scar tissue to minimize restrictions post-surgery
  • relieve discomfort due to pregnancy and postural imbalance
  • reduce aches due to arthritis, fibromyalgia and other conditions

Many of our clients choose to try Massage Therapy to help alleviate their symptoms because it is a natural form of health care. The hands-on approach to treatment ensures that the client and therapist are working together to achieve the client’s desired outcomes. Contact us to see how Massage Therapy can help YOU!