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COVID-19 Update

Thank you all for your patience and support over the last two months. We are slowly returning to clinic life, with limited schedules for various reasons.

RMTs return to work plan:

Kami - planning to restart July 14th*

Jen H - planning to restart July 5th

Christine, Joanna & Nadine - are back at the clinic, appointments available

Emma - return date unknown*

Any questions can be sent to or call us at 613-258-0022.

Next time you visit the clinic it will look different- most waiting furniture has been removed and a 6ft radius is marked out on the floor at the reception window. Please, only one person within this circle at a time. Please use e-transfer or store your CC number when booking online to allow for touchless payment whenever possible.

Decor is minimal. Please ask your therapist if you need water, Kleenex, a hair tie or cough drops, as these are no longer in the treatment rooms/waiting area for the taking. We will be happy to grab whatever you need, just ask!

We ask that clients try to use their own washroom at home prior to their appointment, for now. Ours will still be available if needed.

Some changes on arrival:

Hand sanitizer & masks are mandatory. We will meet you at the waiting room entrance to be sure you have both, and can provide both, if needed. Please arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to avoid traffic in the wait area. You may be asked to wait in the treatment room instead of the general waiting area before and/or after your massage.

Please arrive alone whenever possible. If you need accompaniment to your appointment, we ask that chaperones do not wait in the building during your massage. Please have them exit the building and return in time for pickup. If they enter the wait area we do need their contact info for our 'visitors log' that is now required.

Changes to booking/payment procedures:

There is a $5.00 increase in fees effective immediately in order for us to continue operating.

If booking yourself online, you will be asked to add your credit card info to your profile to avoid use of the debit terminal after your massage, and to minimize use of our waiting & reception area. We can also accept an e-transfer for payment. E-transfers go to and there is no password required.

The debit terminal is available if the above options do not work for you.

You must cancel your appointment if you, or anyone in your household, have COVID symptoms, or may have come into contact with someone who has symptoms. Please be honest with us.

You must wait 14 days after any out-of-country travel to book in for a massage.

COVID screening:

1) Your booking confirmation contains important info pertaining to COVID. Please read confirmations and reminders carefully.

2) 24hrs prior to your appointment, you must fill out the COVID screening form that will be sent within your appointment reminder - just click on the link. If this form is not filled out, your appointment may be cancelled.  If you are unable to receive an email or text for reminders/screening, we will call you the day before your appointment and screen you over the phone- if we cannot reach you to confirm you are symptom-free, your appointment will need to be cancelled.

3) On arrival at the clinic, come on up to the waiting area, where your RMT will screen you again in person. If your RMT is not immediately present, please help yourself to some sanitizer, and have a seat. Please do not move any chairs, as they are laid out in a way to maintain distancing.

After treatment you will be asked to crack the treatment room door once up and dressed. We will go over homecare, treatment findings and the plan for you next booking (if needed) all in the treatment room. If you need the debit machine, you may have to wait until others clear the reception area to use it.

We ask that those in high-risk categories disclose this information to us, and seek the advice of their doctor if unsure about booking in.

We are happy to be back! We look forward to reconnecting soon.
BIM Staff

We are pleased to offer the convenience of Online Booking for our existing clients. New clients must call or email the clinic directly to book their first appointment at Back in Motion.

Existing clients’ are those who have been in for a massage since Sept 1/18 when we began using our booking software program.

A few notes to ensure your booking goes seamlessly:

  1. There are four treatment options in our drop down menu:

    For regular massages, please select “Registered Massage Therapy”
    For our clients who are Veterans with programs through Blue Cross, please select “V.A. session- massage”
    If you are pregnant and prefer to use the pregnancy pillow to lie face down on the table, please choose “prenatal- pillow required”
    If you’d like to try a Thai Massage with Christine, choose “Thai Massage”

  2. Please note that Jen Horler and Nadine Pickard are not able to accept new clients at this time. If you have not seen either of these ladies, please do not choose them to book in with. Your appointment will be moved to a different RMT if this happens.
  3. Our online bookings are only available up to a month ahead; to book farther in advance please re-book when at the clinic before leaving.

We are not accepting new bookings at this time. We will notify our client base via email when the schedule is available for bookings, following confirmation of our re-opening date.