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COVID-19 Update

Online booking is temporarily disabled until we have a confirmed re-opening date

Please note that the clinic is now closed and will remain so until at least March 30th. Being in such close contact with clients, we are unsure at this time as to when we will be able to return. Please keep watch here, on our Facebook page, and via email for updates.

We ask that everyone practice social distancing measures as we are, to help keep our community as healthy as possible in the upcoming weeks. Many people are asking what they can do to help small business during this time- that is the best answer. This will ensure small businesses like ours can open again in a timely manner and begin to recoop losses quickly.

If you have an appointment booked next month, let’s leave it at that and hope to see you then.

Wishing everyone health & wellness during this time. 

BIM staff. 

We are pleased to offer the convenience of Online Booking for our existing clients. New clients must call or email the clinic directly to book their first appointment at Back in Motion.

Existing clients’ are those who have been in for a massage since Sept 1/18 when we began using our booking software program.

A few notes to ensure your booking goes seamlessly:

  1. There are four treatment options in our drop down menu:

    For regular massages, please select “Registered Massage Therapy”
    For our clients who are Veterans with programs through Blue Cross, please select “V.A. session- massage”
    If you are pregnant and prefer to use the pregnancy pillow to lie face down on the table, please choose “prenatal- pillow required”
    If you’d like to try a Thai Massage with Christine, choose “Thai Massage”

  2. Please note that Jen Horler and Nadine Pickard are not able to accept new clients at this time. If you have not seen either of these ladies, please do not choose them to book in with. Your appointment will be moved to a different RMT if this happens.
  3. Our online bookings are only available up to a month ahead; to book farther in advance please re-book when at the clinic before leaving.

We are not accepting new bookings at this time. We will notify our client base via email when the schedule is available for bookings, following confirmation of our re-opening date.