Gift Certificates

Online gift card purchases are now available

Online gift card purchases are now available

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Gift Certificates

Gift certificates for registered massage are a great gift idea that works for almost any occasion - who doesn’t want some time to treat themselves?!

For newlyweds, birthdays, anniversaries, bridal and baby showers too; think ‘massage’ when it comes to the task of finding a practical gift for those special people in your life.

If you’d rather get a hard copy to give...

We do not have a receptionist at BIM. To pick up a gift card in-clinic please contact us first to arrange a time when we can meet with you between appointments at the front desk. Alternatively, we can take payment over the phone when you call, allowing you to come in whenever convenient to pickup the gift card from the front desk.

Of course if you are in the area you are more than welcome to just stop by- although at variable times, we do have breaks throughout the day, everyday. Leave us a note at the front desk if we’ve missed you and we will be in touch same day.

Important Information Regarding Gift Certificates:

Insurance receipts are not given after a session paid by gift card.

Gift cards purchased online are available only by dollar amounts.

Gift cards purchased for a dollar amount never expire.

If purchased at the clinic or over the phone you can choose a specific length of treatment to give (ex: 1hr massage, 90min massage…)

Gift cards purchased for a specific session have a one year expiry.

Treatments can not be paid for in advance of booking (ex: pre-paying for your spouse to come in and have 2 massages). Please purchase gift cards for these instances, or lend your funds to the recipient on the day of treatment to pay post-massage.